"Origin"-fic (Rough Magic)

I just read astridv's brilliant Smile Time comic, and, in addition to putting a big, and totally non-creepy, smile on my face, it reminded me that this comm still exists. Which reminded me that I had intended to post this fic, based on the episode 5X18-"Origin" to this comm. Better really late than never, I hope. It's Angel & Wesley, post-ep. Thanks to doyle_sb4 for this great project!

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4.02 Ground State - Vid

What the heck are the chances two people would post finished projects to this community today? Well, astridv has been working steadily on her comic, and it shows. :D I have been sitting around hiding from my contribution. But I need to move on with my life, so I junked the song that had tricked me into thinking it would work, and caught a new one. It may very well only make true sense to me, but hopefully the pretty pretty pictures and music can show off my ep 'cause I really do love it. ;)

Angel 4.02 - Ground State

Title: Walking Zero
Artist: Sneaker Pimps
Vidder: dualbunny

Please right and click and save the link of your choice:

XviD codec can be found here.

Walking Zero - (720 x 416) - AVI (XviD) (28 MB)
Walking Zero - (360 x 240) - WMV (17 MB)

ETA: I replaced the large WMV with an AVI. Both versions also fix a small track-matte-missing issue.

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It's finished! The comic! Really!

That is, not quite... this is not yet the final, polished version, quite obviously. But since I won't have time to do any polishing for the time, for now I'm posting it to LJ as it is. I'm also re-posting all the previous pages in this entry. Page- and file sizes vary wildly but they should all load reasonably fast.

Later, when I archive it, I will re-do parts of the lettering, fix a few details, and scan all the pages at the same resolution. But for now, here it is in all its six-page glory:

"Smile Time: The Comic" *
*(... until the day I come up with a real title.)
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Smile Time
Summary: "Angel wants to blow off steam. Things don't go quite as expected." Spike&Angel gen, because there can never be enough of that.

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2.15 Reprise

My very late entry is here. It's a series of vignettes, really. They're character studies. Yeah. That's it.
My episode was Reprise, but there are spoilers through Not Fade Away.
Thanks very much to bhadrasvapna for the beta. I have tinkered with it since she had it, so any and all mistakes are mine. The characters, however, are not. They belong to Joss and Mutant Enemy.

The Signs that We Missed

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5x14 Smile Time update

Uff. No, I haven't forgotten. This W is still very much IP...

This is page 4 of 6 and will make not so much sense if you haven't read the script... sorry, I just can't seem to bring myself to work chronologically and I felt like drawing sewers and run-down buildings. I've considered holding off posting until all remaining pages are done, but, well, I'm just not that patient. So there. WIP, totally out of order. Hope you like anyway.

The script and the first page are in this older post. (I have made a few minor changes to the script, mainly stretching it to six pages instead of five.)

Page 5 and 6 are already started on/almost finished and will hopefully be posted sometime this week, provided I don't goof off.

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Yet another late contribution.

My feeble excuse for being so late is that I was trying to write fic. Unfortunately, fic and I don't get along very well in the absence of a very firm deadline, so instead I ended up making a bunch of graphics while I was procrastinating on the fic. So it wasn't a total loss. I'm still hoping to write the fic at some point, but it isn't likely to happen this year, so I figure it's time I go ahead and post what I've got.

So. My episode was "Smile Time" and I made a mood theme and some icons. First, the mood theme. (I had no idea at the time I made it that there would be so many great mood themes contributed for this project! Meep.) It includes every character who appeared in the episode, not just the ones made of felt.

Samples: happy optimistic angry giddy

Preview the entire "Smile Time" mood theme | Download the zip file containing all 132 mood icons and instructions for use.

And now, icons. I started out working with a theme of the different subject areas that might have been taught on the "Smile Time" show, but I got creative and/or silly about it after a while.
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Anything and everything is available for sharing. All I ask is that you credit me somewhere and don't hotlink.
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Episode 1x06 - 'Sense and Sensitivity' (vid)

Yep, I'm also late. :) This has been a great project and the entries have been amazing.

My contribution is for the episode 'Sense and Sensitivity.' It is a vid focusing on the episode, and trying to capture the light-hearted (and ironic) tone that S&S captured so well. There is a large and a small version available for download; both are WMV files.

Please right-click and 'Save Target As...' to save my poor bandwidth.

Kate! (large version - 25 MB)

Kate! (small version - 8 MB)

The song is "Kate" by Ben Folds Five.

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Feedback and constructive critique gratefully accepted.
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"Darla" Mood Theme

So I'm painfully, embarrassingly late with this, but I finally have my assignment finished. I had "Darla", a absolutely gorgeous episode, full of amazing visuals. I'd intended to icon it, but instead I decided to make a mood theme.

I can't thank sockkpuppett enough for her help. She ripped footage from the DVD and sent it to me so I could make my own caps, and then sent it again, and again, and again, because YouSendIt.com was having a very bad hairday that day.

Thanks, babe! You rock.


Directions for installing, and a larger preview, this way. clickety-click