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Yet another late contribution.

My feeble excuse for being so late is that I was trying to write fic. Unfortunately, fic and I don't get along very well in the absence of a very firm deadline, so instead I ended up making a bunch of graphics while I was procrastinating on the fic. So it wasn't a total loss. I'm still hoping to write the fic at some point, but it isn't likely to happen this year, so I figure it's time I go ahead and post what I've got.

So. My episode was "Smile Time" and I made a mood theme and some icons. First, the mood theme. (I had no idea at the time I made it that there would be so many great mood themes contributed for this project! Meep.) It includes every character who appeared in the episode, not just the ones made of felt.

Samples: happy optimistic angry giddy

Preview the entire "Smile Time" mood theme | Download the zip file containing all 132 mood icons and instructions for use.

And now, icons. I started out working with a theme of the different subject areas that might have been taught on the "Smile Time" show, but I got creative and/or silly about it after a while.

Anything and everything is available for sharing. All I ask is that you credit me somewhere and don't hotlink.
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