Astrid (astridv) wrote in ats_endofdays,

5x14 Smile Time update

Uff. No, I haven't forgotten. This W is still very much IP...

This is page 4 of 6 and will make not so much sense if you haven't read the script... sorry, I just can't seem to bring myself to work chronologically and I felt like drawing sewers and run-down buildings. I've considered holding off posting until all remaining pages are done, but, well, I'm just not that patient. So there. WIP, totally out of order. Hope you like anyway.

The script and the first page are in this older post. (I have made a few minor changes to the script, mainly stretching it to six pages instead of five.)

Page 5 and 6 are already started on/almost finished and will hopefully be posted sometime this week, provided I don't goof off.

Crossposted to ats_endofdays and my journal.
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