June 4th, 2005

Kara dualbunny

4.02 Ground State - Vid

What the heck are the chances two people would post finished projects to this community today? Well, astridv has been working steadily on her comic, and it shows. :D I have been sitting around hiding from my contribution. But I need to move on with my life, so I junked the song that had tricked me into thinking it would work, and caught a new one. It may very well only make true sense to me, but hopefully the pretty pretty pictures and music can show off my ep 'cause I really do love it. ;)

Angel 4.02 - Ground State

Title: Walking Zero
Artist: Sneaker Pimps
Vidder: dualbunny

Please right and click and save the link of your choice:

XviD codec can be found here.

Walking Zero - (720 x 416) - AVI (XviD) (28 MB)
Walking Zero - (360 x 240) - WMV (17 MB)

ETA: I replaced the large WMV with an AVI. Both versions also fix a small track-matte-missing issue.

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