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Angel 4.3 The House Always Wins

Damn, sangpassionne beat me to it. Well, I'm another late bird - as opposed to the early one that always gets the... whatever - but in peace offering I bring you fic. Well, I would have brought it anyway but lets not get petty.

My episode was The House Always Wins and being a Spangel fanatic I had to work Spike in somehow. So it's Vegas, baby, in 1967. Which means sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. Or more accurately sex, drinks and brooding. And a lavalamp. *grins at sangpassionne*

Title: Are you lonesome tonight?
Author: felisblanco
Pairing: Spike/Angel (yes, it's slash)
Rating: NC-17
Author’s note: Beta’d by the wonderful sangpassionne
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Spangel cute - amavel_bel


Terribly sorry for the delay. I could offer excuses, but the bottom line is my muse and I weren't talking.

Anyway, finally, my small contribution to this wonderful project - a drabble series for Collapse )
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Deep Down

Sorry it's late. My episode was Deep Down, and I was somewhat hampered in fic writing by the beautiful tightness of the writing in this ep. There's not much to add, and nothing to change. So all I've got is this ficlet.

Spoilers through ATS 4.1
Justine POV
Fox's, not mine. No profit, only tribute.
With thanks to thebratqueen for brainstorming help.

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Angel: End of Days -- 4.20 Sacrifice

A little late, but here's the fic I've written for ats_endofdays -- and I've got to say that I'm very anxious to read and see everyone else's work :-) Huge thanks to doyle_sb4 for running it!

My episode was season four's Sacrifice -- the third episode in the Jasmine arc, where they gang is on the run in the sewers.

My many thanks to janedavitt for the wonderful (last minute) beta

Older Than Words
"Sacrifice," a small AU
Wesley and Gunn deal with the loss of Jasmine
Joss and company still own it all -- thanks for five years of great TV-- it should have been more
2000 words

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First of all, huge thanks to everybody who's posted their contributions. I've been bad about leaving feedback but I'm looking at them all, obviously, and the standard of fic and art and essays and shiny stuff is amazing. They're slowly being added to the archive.

Secondly, anyone who's going to be late - don't panic and don't stress yourselves over it. The deadline was always more of a guideline. And you may notice that mine's not done yet either, so I have no room to talk.

Thanks to everybody for making this such a great project to be involved with.

ETA: oh, and if your contribution was icons, and you happened to have them in a file and could email it to me at it'd make my life a lot easier.
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5.18: "Origin"

Whew, only an hour left to go on the 31st in my time zone! Here's my contribution: a drawing based on 5.18 "Origin", one of my all-time favourite episodes. I did it pretty hastily, but I hope it's okay. ^_^

Link to the drawing is here:

Feedback is always welcome, and please let me know if you want to use my picture anywhere. Thanks!

And finally, a big thanks to doyle_sb4 for organizing this project!